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Pre-Employment Workshops

Need some guidance with interviews, choosing a career or successful job search strategies? The Osborne Village Resource Centre runs several free workshops on these very topics Click on a workshop of interest to find out more about our Pre-Employment workshops.

We are delivering the Workshops in a One on One session or by Zoom. To gain these valuable skills please call 204-989-6503 to book an appointment.

What Clients Are Saying

Hello Keith,

I have been attending “the rodeo” of workshops at OVRC over the last two months. The workshops and the staff have been very helpful to me, both with practical tips for the job search and, more fundamentally, with eliciting a sense of hope and motivation. I am writing to offer some brief feedback and appreciation regarding a few of the workshops I have taken.

My first workshop was “Career Exploration” parts I and II, led by Kristina. I am really glad I started with this one. It met me where I needed the most help in my career shift – taking stock of where I’ve been and articulating what’s most important to me going forward, what my values are and what I naturally have to offer.

Three other workshops have been highlights for me:

“Branding Yourself”, led by Kristina – helped me to be more clear and specific with myself and others when describing what kind of job I am looking for.

“My Target Company List”, led by Jude – helped me make the shift from a reactive mode of job searching (scrolling through hundreds of ads) to a proactive mode of job searching (research, imagination, networking, informational interviews).

“Scheduling for Success”, led by Jude – I really want to highlight this particular workshop. The morning I was to attend this workshop I thought to myself, “I should be job searching, not going to a workshop about job searching.” I came home very glad that I went! I put the weekly schedule into practice right away. What I found was three things:

  1. plugging specific job search activities into the calendar helps me to break things into smaller chunks and actually do them,
  2. assigning tasks into a schedule with time frames helps me to be more realistic overall in terms of what I can fit into my day
  3. I can more easily tell people who are interested how I am spending my time ?

I’ve been gleaning so many helpful tools from all of the workshops I’ve been taking, but “Scheduling for Success” has helped me put them into practice.

One last note: I have met with Kristina a couple of times for career counselling and resume preparation. Her support and skill in engaging my “best self” have been invaluable.

Thank you for the important work you all do at OVRC!

Sincerely, Client

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"I knew very little about the Osborne Village Resource Centre and only expected assistance with my resume. I not only left with an impressive resume but I received guidance, information and reassurance that I am on the right path and with some help and workshops I can achieve my career goals."

"Betty showed me things on my resume I had not thought for example my time line and many other things that were missing. I have not been out of work in a very long time. With her help, I finally got the updates on how my resume should look. Along with my resume, helping me with and giving me the tools to do a cover letter, which I have never done was just amazing. The knowledge and the tools I have now I can never repay her for. When I left her office, I felt like a million dollar man wanting to take on the world Once again Betty thank you for time, knowledge and great sense humor you are awesome !"

Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4
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