Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4

Pre-Employment Workshops

Need some guidance with interviews, choosing a career or successful job search strategies? The Osborne Village Resource Centre runs several free workshops on these very topics Click on a workshop of interest to find out more about our Pre-Employment workshops.

We are delivering the Workshops in a One on One session or by Zoom. To gain these valuable skills please call 204-989-6503 to book an appointment.

What Clients Are Saying

In trying to return part time to work, Osborne Village Resource Centre willingly opened up its resources to me. (I recalled using its resources several years ago & hoped it would help again.)

Much of the help received came from counsellor, Laurie Sutherland.

She was very friendly, open, positive and willing to help. As a result, much of her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. She gave me hope (something in short supply during this pandemic.) and motivation.

I feel that Laurie is on top of the changing needs of the business world, (as much as anyone can be during these uncertain Covid days) but more importantly, is plugged in and willing to pivot at a moment's notice. She had many great ideas of companies to try and ways of approaching them.

Being nimble to business needs is, to me, key especially now, if only because the topography of the 'business of work' is largely unknown or has changed so dramatically.

Likewise, I find OVRC appears to have a similar understanding about the tides of change. It runs workshops geared to equipping job seekers with relevant skills and other knowledge to make a good living now and for advancement later.

I also enjoy its attitude of there being few "wrong answers" in regard to finding work. There is a strong cooperative effort between counsellor and client, as opposed to the easy-to-fall-into power trap of counsellor as the all knowing and client as the hapless listener & note taker.

I have not tapped into most of OVRC's resources, but its workplace attitude, helpful counselors and several available workshops are very helpful to me and likely almost everyone trying to return to, or change position within, an ever-shifting workforce and ground rules.

Thank you for being so relevant and accessible, OVRC!.

Hi Kristina, thank you for your support during my job search! Your Branding workshop helped me have a great answer for when people ask what I do!  In fact, right after the workshop, I met up with a fellow volunteer who asked me what kind of work I was looking for – and I had my answer ready! Thanks again!

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"This place really helped me in my time of need. I was struggling with my previous job mentally, emotionally and physically. The counsellors are compassionate, supportive, and just a lot of fun. They take their time with you, as much as you need, and as often as you can, to help you move on to a new form of employment. I have and will recommend this place for anyone who is needing a change in their employment. They have excellent knowledge of using the right information and key words to make your resume and cover letters stand out in an application. I couldn't be more thankful to them."

Happy New Year Mr Robinson

I would like to express my experience that I had when dealing with your professional team at your center which indeed have changed a lot in my job search.

My experience in your center was very rich by the fact that I benefited from guidance services, CV, cover letter, how to pass an interview and Branding statement...etc.

Because of these workshops, I had the pleasure to work with Laurie, Betty, Kristina, John, Judy and Lisa, they were all amazing and very professional.

It is difficult for me to find the exact words to express my gratitude and to thank each member of this great team that you have but, above all, I would like to especially thank Betty for her good work, I was able to get my first job. in Winnipeg plus I got a lot of encouraging feedback from other employers. I also would like to thank Laurie, because of her I was able to understand and have love in what I do and also how to search for future jobs with love.

In short, you guys are simply a magnificent and professional team I have ever worked with.

Thanks again and Happy New Year


Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4
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