Do you know the type of work you are looking for but you’re just not sure how to find the right company? Want to find a company that you actually want to work for? Then My Ideal Company List workshop is for you!

1.      Take charge of your job search

2.      Learn how to research and find companies that match your desired occupation, skills and even your values and preferred workplace culture.

3.      Understand how targeted research helps you with networking and tapping into the hidden job market

4.      Start creating your Ideal Company List of 10-20 companies

5.      Next steps: how to use your Ideal Company List to put you in the driver’s seat of your job search.  

People who find companies that are a good “fit” for them, generally find greater satisfaction in their work. If you want to wake up every day, looking forward to your job, My Ideal Company List is an excellent step!

Requirements:  A clear job objective and either laptop or tablet for Zooming

What Clients Are Saying

  • I got new knowledge how to find new companies and understand what I can offer them
  • How to search for companies I found interesting and to make sure our values match
  • The importance of expanding the network in order to access hidden job offerings
  • As a newcomer, it is imperative to find a job as soon as possible. However, if I plan my career path carefully, I could find my dream job. My research will be more targeted thanks to the different tools used in the workshop.
  • Please welcome more newcomers, because you have a lot of very helpful information
  • Look at using searches for organizations that does work I am interested in, then research what their mission core values and workplace culture is like through reading website, news and potential informational interviews.
  • Job research should be targeted. It would increase the chance of not only getting a job but actually getting a good fit.
  • There is a job for us, where we can fit it with our dreams and goals, it just to take care about doing your homework, with patient.
  • I thought the whole workshop was very helpful thank you.

We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment

Every year…for twenty five years

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