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The Osborne Village Resource Centre is a non-profit pre-employment resource center dedicated to assisting clients on their journey to finding meaningful employment. We assist clients who are unemployed, under-employed, and/or those making a career change. Our main goal is to help clients find meaningful work not just a job.

OVRC Computer Lab Hours

Monday          8 am – 4 pm

Tuesday         8 am – 4 pm

Wednesday   8 am – 4 pm

Thursday       12 pm – 3 pm

Friday            8 am – 3 pm

Opening the Doors to Possibility

Overall, I am so incredibly grateful to have met you and connect with the Osborne Village Resource Centre to assist me on this job search journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Betty, for all you do and being the wonderful person you are! Your program overall is a hidden gem that needs far more attention and support from governments and the community at large, simply amazing is what always comes to mind when I hear the name Osborne Village Resource Centre.

Thank you so much for your help with my resume. You gave me several wording options for my skills, and our conversations really helped me to transition from a chronological to a skills based resume. I recently had two interviews and I have finally been offered a job! I really appreciate the time and attention that you gave to my resume creation so that I can start working again.

What I got from Career Counselling:

When the baggage of life becomes a burden, and you just want to fit into a new career, the last thing you need is to get stuck on "what might have been." It was useful to have to help in identifying the elements of my work history that meshed with the posted job positions, and letting go of the parts that are not relevant to the position. You worked with me to reframe my sense of what I had to offer. Very much appreciated. Thanks

I am very grateful for the work we did together on charting a course forward for me. I had always felt that I did not know what I wanted to do with my career. And this was my largest barrier to pursuing any career development other than what was offered to me. I do not think that is the case anymore. Through the process we went through, I learned that I want a career where I can help others, be it through non-profit work, training and development, or perhaps management in an organization that is ethically run. The other work we did will definitely be helpful as I pursue this, but learning what I want in my career stands out as the valuable part of what we worked on.

Thank you again for working with me. Once I figure out what exactly I need to jump into the sort of organizations I'm looking into, I will follow-up with you and perhaps you can help me figure out how best to go about getting that. Best Wishes

Client Testimonial

The staff at OVRC are very positive, encouraging and helpful. Their services and their workshops are very informative and valuable especially during these unprecedented time

Having been referred to OVRC, I wanted to let others know that I have been more than happy with their services and staff, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing guidance in searching for a new career.

Being in the position of applying for a new career after being laid off after 32-years, getting started on the search was a daunting task. The staff of Judy, Laurie, Kristina, Lisa, Betty, and Keith have all been individually, as well as collectively, great to work with and learn from.

We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment

Every year…for twenty five years

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Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4
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