Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4

Resume / Cover Letter Development

By Appointment.

Targeted Resumes:

  • Focus on the skills you want to use instead of being trapped by your work history
  • Reduce the time you spend sending resumes for jobs you don’t want
  • Rebrand you as skilled, passionate and experienced at what you do
  • Allow for different aspects of your career to shine without piling everything together

Targeted Cover Letters:

  • Clearly tell the employer how you meet their needs
  • Build a human, passionate bridge between skills and engagement
  • Allow you to address relevant life experience that may not be in your resume
  • Increase the effectiveness of targeted resumes by anywhere form 30-50%

Employment Facilitators:

  • Empower you to take control of your job search instead of hoping for a break
  • Provide a safe space to discuss your goals for your next position
  • Can help with challenges related to your job search
  • Are here to empower you to work independently once you understand the process
  • May suggest other OVRC services that will help

Why invest the time?

  • Simple, it works
  • Most of us will change careers five to seven times in our lifetime
  • Learning to target your resume and cover letter allows you to adapt when things change
  • We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment …every year …for twenty years

What Clients Are Saying

I am very thankful for all the help you provided to me during this job-searching process. My new professional resume and cover letter gave me a chance to be invited for an interview, which was successful for me! Thank you a lot for the important job you and all your colleagues do at Osborne Village Resource Centre.

Firstly, I would like to wish you a Happy New year. Next, I am glad to say you that I got a job, completely in my field. I would like to thank you so much for giving me your helping hand while I was in search of a job. Your service was great for me to get a better understanding of Canadian culture as well as the preparation of a resume and Cover Letter. I would like to thank you again for your indispensable service.

I want to thank you again for your help today with my resume. You have no idea how much anxiety you have removed from my career transition process just by working your “magic”; I actually have the confidence to send out my resume now (tomorrow if need be) which is a HUGE accomplishment.

I thoroughly enjoyed our session today. Thank you as always for being so helpful, engaging and delightfully funny! I am so grateful for all your help at the OVRC. The OVRC team has been so wonderful! I love you people!

We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment

Every year…for twenty years

Ready to start?


I recently had a cover letter and resume done with Betty and talked about branding with Kristina. I am graduating university this year so I need a resume to start applying for teaching positions.

My experience with Betty and Kristina was fantastic. I liked that your office uses zoom, and I learned a lot about professionalism. They were also respectful and considerate of my Indigenous background and culture. I felt more confident after my appointments with them.

Since then I have recommended Osborne Resource Centre to other student teachers, teachers at my practicum school, friends and family.


Yes, I am excited and I wish to thank you and Osborne Village Resource Centre so much as you have changed my life.

Having been referred to OVRC, I wanted to let others know that I have been more than happy with their services and staff, and would highly recommend them to anyone needing guidance in searching for a new career.

Being in the position of applying for a new career after being laid off after 32-years, getting started on the search was a daunting task.

The staff of Judy, Laurie, Kristina, Lisa, Betty, and John have all been individually, as well as collectively, great to work with and learn from.

Getting a starting point was my first challenge and through the workshops offered by OVRC. I was able to learn and apply the information at a comfortable pace. The skills-based resume and targeted cover letter are a great introduction to companies who may only be spending a few minutes reviewing them to get them interested in you.

The help in searching out companies, trade associations, and particular industries has also been very beneficial.

Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4
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