Resume / Cover Letter Development

Targeted Resumes:

  • Focus on the skills you want to use instead of being trapped by your work history
  • Reduce the time you spend sending resumes for jobs you don’t want
  • Rebrand you as skilled, passionate and experienced at what you do
  • Allow for different aspects of your career to shine without piling everything together

Targeted Cover Letters:

  • Clearly tell the employer how you meet their needs
  • Build a human, passionate bridge between skills and engagement
  • Allow you to address relevant life experience that may not be in your resume
  • Increase the effectiveness of targeted resumes by anywhere form 30-50%

Employment Facilitators:

  • Empower you to take control of your job search instead of hoping for a break
  • Provide a safe space to discuss your goals for your next position
  • Can help with challenges related to your job search
  • Are here to empower you to work independently once you understand the process
  • May suggest other OVRC services that will help

Why invest the time?

  • Simple, it works
  • Most of us will change careers five to seven times in our lifetime
  • Learning to target your resume and cover letter allows you to adapt when things change
  • We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment …every year …for twenty years

What Clients Are Saying

I want to share that I had a very positive experience with the OVRC. I hope these words below express it.

From meeting with a professional who helped me to think about my career path and how to view and communicate who I was to another professional who met with me with much patience to do a similar process but applied to my resume and then worked to express that adequately in not one, but two different resume profiles, to the staff of the OVRC, that was welcoming and professional on the occasions I visited in person or had the first contact, or wanted to make an appointment.

Those services were precious, also because it happened during the pandemic, which imposed extra difficulties on all of us.

But beyond the professionalism and quality of the services, I want to emphasize the human quality of everyone from the OVRC I had the chance to interact with. There was always respect, warmth, and positiveness without creating false expectations that made the experience not very good but excellent.

We tend to think of ourselves for what we do. And when we are in a stage of change of career path, we have a blurry image of ourselves. The skill, art, and humane qualities of the OVRC professionals allow them to see through the blur and give us back a clear reflection of who we are and who we can become.

No matter what happens or how technology changes and best practices improve, please keep the exceptional humane quality. And that's your staff. We can forget (or forgive) what someone tells us, even what someone does to us. But we always remember how someone made us feel. And I have the best memories of how I felt when dealing with the OVRC professionals. And I got the job I wanted!

I hope this helps to explain the value of initiatives such as the OVRC have at a personal level, but also with so many implications like unlocking the potential value of professionals and all workers, especially but not only newcomers, growing the economy of Manitoba and Canada.

I send you and the team my best wishes and regards.

We’ve helped over 400 people find meaningful employment

Every year…for twenty five years

Ready to start?


Client Testimonial

I recently had a cover letter and resume done with Betty and talked about branding with Kristina.

I wanted to let you know and with all your help, I have the best news I could ever imagine. I start my new position Monday. I am ecstatic and thank you for all your help with my resumes and cover letters because I know without you this would not be possible.

Anyway, thank you again so much for all the effort and care you put into helping me with the cover letter and resume. You opened up a new way of seeing my goals and myself and led me in a direction of actually pursuing what I want to. If I will ever be able to express what you, have done for my confidence and my life path. I have not always had people around me with the mindset of guidance and encouragement.

I really appreciate your time, effort, and guidance in reformatting my resume and cover letter, which had a great impact on my job search. Thank you so much! May you help more those who are struggling in securing employment.

Unit 1 – 107 Osborne St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 1Y4
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