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We are a non profit pre-employment centre dedicated to assist individuals prepare for a successful job search and/or career change.

Assiniboine Credit Union LogoThe staff at Osborne Village Resource Centre–Keith, Betty, Kristina, John, Lisa and Judy– would like to thank the Assiniboine Credit Union for demonstrating their community support by providing the Centre with a generous grant that allowed us to replace the decade old client chairs. Our clients will appreciate working on their job search in these ergonomically correct chairs. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!


Employment Workshops

Need some guidance with cover letters, interviews, chosing a career or finding a job? The Osborne Village Resource Centre runs several free workshops on these very topics.

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  • Job Banks: Web sites for searching local employment opportunities.
  • Research Careers: Information regarding researching career opportunities

What Clients Are Saying

In a fast paced environment it is comforting to see that there are people who are genuine and truly want to help others.

I was on maternity leave and determined to find a new job while away from work. I had been working for my employer for 11 years at the time and knew very little about the resources Winnipeg offered. Every place I went to told me I was ineligible for their services because of my full time hours. Eventually I got in contact with Keith Robinson through family and friends. After explaining my dilemma he booked me an appointment the same week with John. To think that I’ve been walking by this gold mine and have never went in, the atmosphere was very welcoming when I did. John was encouraging and easy to relate to, his friendliness made the task of finding a new job seem attainable. He gave me tips and prepared me in ways I can’t even explain. Then came Betty! She was a world wind of information. We spent a few hours together and she opened my world to Cover Letters and presenting myself. I thought I knew enough about resume and cover letter preparation. I knew NOTHING!…after seeing John and Betty, I knew I was ready. Here I am, working fulltime a few days away from my completing my 3 month probation. I’m working for a company similar to what I was doing before but now with lots of opportunities to use my knowledge from the past 11 years as well as my Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media degree. I love my job and the company I work for! I am so thankful for Keith, John and Betty. They do amazing working and I recommend The Osborne Village Resource Centre to all those I come across.

This email is very long overdue, but it’s been on my mind since October 2018. I needed to make sure I let those 3 know how thankful I am. If there is ever a time where they feel discouraged, I hope they will look back at this email knowing the good work they do. Everyday when they come into work they are changing lives for the better. Bless your hearts!

Almost a year ago, I came to OVRC to help me with career and job search advice. Recently, I finally found a job that I enjoy immensely, coincides with my values, and allows me to do what I enjoy every day. It is finally a job that I can feel comfortable in and proud of. It took many applications, countless interviews, informational interviews and phone calls. However, you were the voice in my head that kept me motivated, encouraged me not to settle, and continue to find something meaningful. While the job search was difficult and discouraging at times, the OVRC did a wonderful job at preparing me as to what to expect.

All the lessons and resources were invaluable in my job search. The services that the OVRC provides is outstanding and I have recommended you too many people. They would be crazy not to!

You, Betty, and the entire OVRC staff gave me the confidence and skills I needed to take a chance and pursue a different career path. Thank you for all the work you have done on my behalf. It was truly remarkable for me to have such wonderful people on your team; inspiring and motivating me to achieve my goals.

I went to your office and asked for help regarding my resume. I recently became a Registered Nurse and I needed help with my resume. My classmate told me about the services that your office offers. You made some changes and sent me a resume template that is appropriate for a healthcare career. After a week, I sent you the revised resume using the template that you gave me. You reviewed it and sent me your recommendations. In addition, I attended the workshop: “Making Smart Reference Choices” conducted by Jude. I learned a lot of information from the workshop and used it to choose the best references for me.

I got a call from a nursing home and asked me for an interview on August 28. The interview went well, I was prepared, I asked some friends about their experiences and I searched on the web the possible questions. After the interview, they said they would get in touch with my references and would update me. After a week, I emailed the interviewer and asked for an update, they said they are still waiting for the response from one of my references. While waiting, I received another call from a different nursing home and asked for an interview. I said yes and scheduled it for next week. In addition, I walked in to a third nursing home on a Friday and submitted my resume. Surprisingly, the receptionist told me that the Director of Care wanted to talk to me. It was an actual interview. I was a bit overwhelmed because I was not prepared for it. I was not even dressed for it; I was just wearing jeans, hoodie and sneakers. Even though it went well, it was not as good as my first interview. After the interview, we discussed the position for me and they wrote down my name on the schedule. It felt like I already got the job but they said they would still have to do a reference check. In addition, one of the interviewers asked me if I wanted to take a tour of the facility. Of course, I said yes. After the tour, I received a voicemail from the first nursing home and said they wanted to talk to me. I was not sure if I got the job though. Monday came; I received an email from the third nursing home and said that I got the job. Yippee. Therefore, I had to send my apologies to the two nursing homes to turn down the job offer and the interview because their offers were just a term position.

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